SARVAG your XaaS Partner
Digital partner to entrepreneurs,
Transformation partner to organizations on their HCM journey,
Platform partner to e-governance providers.
This is our story so far. With our partners. What do you have in mind?

Who we are

Sarvag started with a few friends who wanted to build the things they wished were available. Like a self-service for citizens, to report issues and get them fixed (beyond 140 characters and hashtags). Or an Amber alert system in all countries (like we'd seen in the US). HCM systems for schools (yes, some of us are HCM veterans and have kids).

We kept running into others who took the ideas one step further (paid us to build some of these for them!). And they brought in more ideas.

We build apps, websites, software, platforms (including blockchain), IoT, AIpowered solutions and we make friends in the process. Some of our partners are now co-investors.

One of us is good at names, hence Sarvag (omnipresent, or Sanskrit for XaaS;).

In our past lives, most of us were IT professionals and executives, serving clients across North America, Asia, Europe, Middle-East and Africa, for almost two decades.

We're still making friends, growing our ecosystems. Got an idea or a problem technology and design can solve? Let's get in touch.

What we do

Business Consulting

Enterprise HCM Applications Implementation

Business Analytics
Cloud Data & Analytics
Cloud Data & Analytics
Project Management
Quality Assurance

Digital Transformation

Robotic process automation
AI & Machine Learning


UI/UX Design
Web Development
Mobile application development
Infra Services


Virtualization & Application Delivery
Enterprise Computing
Power solutions
Structured Cabling Solutions
Cloud Solutions
End user computing


IT Service Desk
Application Support

How we do It

We nail down what the ideal final product or solution or ecosystem or service should be able to do and solve
We co-design, we co-develop, co-iterate-so the solution is part of a whole (agile and humancentered are frankly table stakes)
We have project maniacs on our team (called project managers. Any day, these are the folks that know time is money)...
We stay the course with you and your users-to deliver quality outcomes
If that's you want, we do stay longer-to support the solution

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